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iAdControl's Vision, Mission and Values


iAdControl's vision is to optimise and enhance basic web accessibility for online businesses / start-ups. This will subsequently improve visibility on Google and aid different types of users visiting websites.


We love going that extra mile to make websites easy to use and address complex social challenges. For us, it’s about digital inclusion, Corporate Social Responsibility and a protocol to shape the Internet to be a better experience, especially with the World Wide Web in its 32nd anniversary in 2021.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

We are helping start-ups and young people where we can to close the digital skills gap through our online marketing workshops.

BT are doing amazing work by "helping families, businesses and communities across the UK" with their Skills for Tomorrow platform with resources, webinars, and lots more. BT also have some webinars listed on Eventbrite.

Digital workshop testimonial

"I think this is an area that small businesses need to know about but are probably largely ignorant of, so I hope iAdControl continue to put on presentations."
- Guy Smith,

Our Values

We will create valuable online solutions with our Web Marketing Services.

We will advise and work with you with the utmost integrity.