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Choose Easy To Use Websites. Choose WordPress.

December 2015 | By Farzana Irani, Web Consultant at

The best way to describe who can use WordPress (WP) for business is everyone. From organisations on a shoestring budget to those spending millions on marketing, WordPress checks off a lot of boxes for a lot of companies. Sony Music, The Rolling Stones, TechCrunch and many other high-profile websites use the WordPress platform. Simplicity, easy to use Content Management System (CMS), flat designs templates and mobile-friendly websites are just a few of the great things about working with WP. An almost unlimited amount of support, from an energetic user community, is yet another benefit to making the choice to use WP for your own company, projects or even blogs.

Simple yet elegant might sound like a cliché', but it certainly fits when it comes to WordPress websites and its CMS. Although highly customisable, the installation of WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins could not be easier to enhance website features.

This ease of design allows web administrators to concentrate on important aspects like content, image and video integration and overall user experience. The objective of any website is for people to visit, return, and WordPress's navigation interface make those goals much more attainable for website owners. If you're looking for a graceful website that commands respect, then WordPress will work for you.

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Flat Design Websites

It almost seems that anyone without flat design elements as part of their website are already playing catch up. From flat design buttons to an entire flat design User Interface (UI), WordPress incorporates this graphic style befitting the modern website and its users. Much like WP as a whole, flat design aspects work well on a variety of screen sizes, making the transition from PC to tablet to smart phone for your website seamless.

Single Page Websites

Single page websites aren't for every company, but if your dynamic fits the bill this is an excellent way to maximise the functionalities of WordPress. A few questions will let you know if this design is the way to go. Do you have a ton of content? If you currently have pages upon pages of data a single page website is probably not for you and a more traditional layout will work better.

You can also create a member's website and an ecommerce website with WordPress. These are just a few of the reasons WordPress is a versatile platform for a business, either as a first website or as a replacement for a current one, no matter the size of the web project. From built-in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plugins to easy content management to free resources, WP has a lot to offer.

So let us help you get started with WordPress for the New Year!

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